About Lincoln Laboratory

MIT Lincoln Laboratory is a federally funded research and development center that applies advanced technology to problems of national security. Research and development activities focus on long-term technology development as well as rapid system prototyping and demonstration. These efforts are aligned within key mission areas. The Laboratory works with industry to transition new concepts and technology for system development and deployment.  
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Laboratory Status

Doing Business with Lincoln Laboratory

For Government

Find information and the necessary forms for sponsoring work at Lincoln Laboratory at our users' guidance page.

For Vendors
The Laboratory conducts a significant amount of work with industry.
Find information and forms for vendors at the Contracting Services Department page.

Lincoln Laboratory Journal
Special issue on cyber security

This special issue features the innovative cyber security research and development conducted at the Laboratory. Read the entire issue.

Beaver Works

Beaver Works icon
Visit the Beaver Works website to learn more about project-based learning collaborations between Lincoln Laboratory and MIT campus.


New childcare center opening

Childcare center openingTechnology Children's Center at Lincoln Laboratory scheduled to open in September.

Cameras workshop sparks future engineers

Girls who build cameras

High-school girls construct cameras and program image filters in our first Girls Who Build workshop.

Teaching Radar at the University of Puerto Rico

UPRM classRead how our Radar Introduction for Student Engineers program found its way to Puerto Rico.

Technology News

Art and science merge in a disaster
readiness haven

Innovative structures called PREPHubs house basic services needed in the aftermath of a disaster.

3d-printed hands

Lincoln Laboratory lends a 3D-printed hand
Two research teams are working to advance the design of low-cost 3D-printed arms and hands for those in need of prosthetic devices.

Lincoln Laboratory demonstrates highly accurate vehicle localization under adverse weather conditions

Noncontact laser ultrasound could yield significant impact for medical imaging
The laser ultrasound acquires interior body imagery without patient contact.

Pinpointing the signs of depression
A Lincoln Laboratory team developed a system that uses vocal and facial biomarkers to evaluate depression.

Toward practical quantum computers

MIT News reports that researchers from MIT and MIT Lincoln Laboratory have published a paper describing an important step toward practical quantum computers: demonstration of a prototype chip that can trap ions in an electric field and, with built-in optics, direct laser light toward each of them.