Monitoring metabolic energy expenditure, health, and fitness with a breath analyzer

Simple-to-use, low-cost respiratory sensor enables measurement and tracking of personal metabolism.
  Posted July 2017


New mass spectrometer will help develop better training for bomb-sniffing dogs

Researchers have developed a new mass spectrometer to verify canines' responses to explosive materials.
  Posted July 2017


Lincoln Laboratory enters licensing agreement to produce its localizing ground-penetrating radar

Partnership with Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc. will make prototype systems available to the self-driving vehicle industry.
  Posted July 2017


Defense Fabric Discovery Center established to develop smart textiles

Revolutionary fabrics may incorporate diverse sensing capabilities.

  Posted June 2017


Earth Observing–1 satellite is retired, leaving a legacy of spectacular imagery

The Advanced Land Imager developed at MIT Lincoln Laboratory helped NASA mission exceed expectations.
  Posted April 2017

Makerspaces could enable widespread adoption of microfluidics

Lincoln Laboratory researchers propose an alternative to expensive microfluidics fabrication facilities.

  Posted April 2017

Harnessing analytics to design training tools

Profiles of student success in training games may guide curriculum development.

  Posted April 2017

New study assesses privacy protections on smartphones

Lincoln Laboratory and the RAND Corporation examine the technology and federal regulations aimed at securing personal data on smartphones.
  Posted February 2017


Liquid crystal device could allow for fast and reliable laser-beam steering

New device manufacturing process could improve existing laser-based technologies

  Posted February 2017

Foliage-penetrating ladar technology may improve border surveillance

  Posted February 2017


Beating the Heat

New sensors that gather data on a soldier’s physiological state may help prevent heat-related injuries
  Posted January 2017


The latest volume in the MIT Lincoln Laboratory Series is released

  Posted June 2017


Recognizing Lincoln Laboratory's Administrative and Support Excellence Award winners

  Posted June 2017

MIT students hack assistive technology solutions for local clients

At the 2017 Assistive Technologies Hackathon hosted at Beaver Works, students created helpful devices for Greater Boston residents with disabilities.
  Posted June 2017

Three from MIT Lincoln Laboratory are named winners of AFCEA International's 40 Under 40 Awards

  Posted May 2017

Hacking Intolerance with MIT Breaking the Mold

Lincoln Laboratory staff participate in hackathon to brainstorm technological solutions to social issues
  Posted May 2017

MIT Lincoln Laboratory's Defense Technology Seminar marks its 20th year

  Posted May 2017


MIT Excellence Awards honor seven Lincoln Laboratory employees
  Posted April 2017

Generating solar energy for the Laboratory, years in the making
  Posted April 2017

Two from MIT recognized as outstanding engineering leaders
  Posted March 2017

William Oliver appointed to Lincoln Laboratory Fellow and Associate Director of MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics
  Posted February 2017

February ceremony honored recipients of 2016 MIT Lincoln Laboratory Technical Excellence Awards

Awards for Early Career Technical Achievement, Best Paper, and Best Invention were also presented.
  Posted February 2017

Lincoln Laboratory earns 11th consecutive Superior security rating
  Posted February 2017

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